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Sports Injuries and Cryotherapy

Sports Injuries and Cryotherapy

There was a time in which dealing with injuries was ice, anti-inflammatory meds, and rest was the prescription. The Whole Body Cryotherapy Locationsice would give some relief, the meds might as well be a placebo and rest was never long enough or worse the athlete would push themselves to go back way to early.

Along came Whole Body Cryotherapy that was colder and more efficient than ice, replaced the need for anti-inflammatory meds, and greatly shortened recovery time allowing persons to get back to doing what they loved without the nagging injuries plaguing them. The fact your entire body from neck down is exposed to the hyper-cooled air reduced inflammation in the entire body lessening the chances of future injuries from over use.

With many sports having repetitive & asymmetrical movements the muscles and joints associated with them are overtaxed and kept in a constant state of inflammation which will over time increase the risk of injury and possibly be the reason a career may end or if in a up and coming athlete why their dream may never come to be.

Cryotherapy Will Shorten Your Recovery Time 

Cryotherapy can not only shorten recovery time but if utilized can be used as a preventative measure to assist you staying in the best possible shape to perform at or above what you thought possible. No matter what goals are, sports related injuries can and often do keep dreams of being the best you can be nothing more than dreams.

Whether you make a living with your skills, are an up and coming star, or a recreational athlete, keeping yourself in top shape should be your goal. Getting Cryotherapy as often as possible can reduce or eliminate those everyday aches and pains while at the same time increasing your level of competitiveness. Nagging problem areas often will not allow for an athletes to compete at their best; Cryotherapy can help.Whole Body Cryotherapy Locations Benefits

Everything from ankle sprains to golfers elbow. From pre-surgery preparation to post surgery recovery reducing the inflammation in the body will increase blood flow to damaged areas allowing the body to do what it was supposed to do and that is thrive in whatever environment it is put in and Whole Body Cryotherapy can do that.

Let’s say you are preparing for a competition and you want to be at your best. You have put in the work every day leading up to the event going over exactly what is expected of you along with preparing for the unexpected. Your body is not at 100% because of all the practice & then game day and you go out give it your all and no matter how you did your body is exhausted and you wished there was a way to push a little more and not be so sore days or weeks after the event. That is where Whole Body Cryotherapy comes in, by preparing your body with a couple sessions prior to the event Cryo can assist you being at 100% that day and then having a session or two after will reduce or eliminate the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that will inevitably come.

Cryotherapy is a tool that when utilized properly can be your best friend whether you have a session once a week or everyday it can help you be the best. If you have any further questions you can contact me.

Cryotherapy is A Powerful Tool To Use For Your Health

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