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Full Body Cryotherapy

Cool Ways to alleviate or eliminate Joint problems

Full Body CryotherapyWith the lifestyles many people have now and days it is no wonder our joints don’t last. I have read that our joints were supposed to take care of us for 105 years, and every now and then you can see that Full Body Cryotherapy. For many people their joints will not last that long due to illness, injury, or trauma that causes damage to the extent of causing great pain and in some cases replacement is needed.

Joint Health & Full Body                                Cryotherapy

With all the issues from ankle sprains to torn rotator cuffs to hip replacement,Whole Body Cryotherapy joint problems we are now more than ever needing a way to keep our joints in the best shape possible. That can be done in different ways and a quick and safe way to do this is Full Body Cryotherapy.

While icing will help with some reduction of pain and inflammation, you will want to stay off of it as much as possible to allow the body to heal. While this may take weeks or even months to accomplish most of us do not have the time nor patience to wait. Cryotherapy is like ice on steroids without the long wait time and with many other benefits.

 3 minutes in a Cryo-cabin will give your body the boost it needed to start taking care of its joints  .

This will happen immediately with the release of endorphins into your system dulling the pain receptors. Then it will increase blood circulation in the area and this causes a reduction in inflammation. With reduced inflammation you get better blood flow and nutrients will get to where they are needed.

When we favor one side due to an injury on the opposite joint this begins to cause damage on that side. We expose the joint to angles they were not meant to be in along with stresses that will over time begin to cause problems and then our good side becomes our bad side and the cycle continues. 

Going to see your Doctor is the initial stop for many when dealing with joint problems. They will do what they can to get you up and running again but it is ultimately up to you to take care of yourself and do everything you can to keep your joints in top shape. WBC can go a long way in providing that help. 

Full Body Cryotherapy BeneficialListen to your Doctor and when he tells you to ice, let him know you have access to ice on steroids. Not only will it shorten your recovery time it will allow you to get back to doing everything that make you, you.

Healthy joints make Happy People


Full Body Cryotherapy can make help you on your journey to be the best version of you ever.


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