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Cryotherapy South Carolina

Finding Cryotherapy: My Story

How Cryotherapy Changed My World : Cryotherapy South Carolina

Cryotherapy South CarolinaFor 46 years I could not  remember a time when a depressive episode was not around the corner and the anxiety that came with having low self esteem was a constant passenger. I have been diagnosed with childhood PTSD and chronic depression as well as ADHD. I have been given everything  from Zoloft to Cymbalta but it was always there. The last meds I was on was Wellbutrin and Adderall. Taking high doses of each soon began causing side effects that I did not link at the time to taking them like restless leg syndrome, irritability, and an increase in suicidal thoughts among other complications. One other thing to add is that I had been an alcoholic for 20+ years.

Life was beginning to change

At the age of 40 I quit drinking and after a promise I made to my son I  began Crossfit, and at first I hated it, I could not keep up, cried, and actually got in my vehicle and left while the clock was still going. With a lot of help and patience from the coaches I slowly got better and soon fell in love with it so much I became a coach Cryotherapy South Carolina. I still dealt with depression and anxiety but with no more meds to alleviate the symptoms relied on the Box (Crossfit term for gym ) to be my outlet.

And here We go Again

In 2014 I began to feel excessively tired and achy which I attributed to possible over doing it so I cut back but it did not seem to go away. I could not get over it and having dealt with anxiety for so long figured it had to be in my head. It took me until 2016 when the symptoms were getting so bad I could not work out any longer and it was extremely painful to even stand and coach. I would need to lay down between classes in order to even keep going. Symptoms would start in my lower back and eventually reach my toes and at that point it felt as if my feet was being stabbed with needles and my back was going to snap. I began going to the Dr. to find out and after many blood tests and many possibilities such as hypothyroidism, heavy metal toxicity, liver issue, and a couple other things, Fibromyalgia was even mentioned. I had no upper body symptoms so that was out. Having no health insurance had its limits and that was it.

 Never Heard About Cryotherapy 

Had a couple people mention Cryotherapy and never hearing about it began doing Google searches and reading everything I could. In June a good friend and I found a place in Savannah that was owned and operated by 2 of the nicest people you could ever meet. I told them I hated the cold but had no other route at this time so went with it. I felt nothing the first time and from the research I had done and after talking with the owner bought a 10 pack and kept coming back. Finally after the fourth session the pain began subsiding and by the end of the 10 pack I was getting better. So much so I purchased another 10 pack and by the end of that one I was about 80% pain free and able to move around so much so I felt a need to have one closer to home. November 16, 2016 Carolina Chillin’ LLC opened its doors and I was the proud owner of my very own Whole Body Cryotherapy business.

The best was yet to come. The more I went in the chamber the better I felt physically and the more the fog in my head began to lift, the less anxious I became. I began seeing the world differently, feeling better (even great), and for the first time ever I felt at peace with myself and had hopes of a better world. I now feel a deep need to help others, to let them know I care and understand that life is difficult but together we can make it better for ourselves and the loved ones around us. I call more people friends and actually seek out others to be around.

Who Would Benefit From You Getting Better

As of this writing I have had only 3 bouts of depression in 6 months. I know I will be fine now and tomorrow noCryotherapy South Carolina Benefits matter what comes. I have other issues that need attention but I can and will strive every second of every day to be better, live better and all this was possible because of. I will make you one promise and that is when you come in to see me I will be here to help you be the best you can be. I may not know you but I believe YOU are worth it. If you don’t believe me ask your loved ones what they would do to help you get better. I bet you they would do everything they could because you are worth it and so much more.


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