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Cryotherapy Procedures Session

Cryotherapy May Reduce or Eliminate Your Symptoms From Fibromyalgia

Cryotherapy Procedures fibromyalgia penguin[su_heading]How Cryotherapy Procedures Reduces or Eliminates Your Symptoms From Fibromyalgia [/su_heading]

Dealing with widespread pain and discomfort can be reduced or eliminated  along with the depression and tiredness normally associated with fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is defined as a Chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and tenderness in localized areas. But for many it is much more than that, It affects mood, energy level, and quality of life and in extreme cases will seem as if it takes life away.

Cryotherapy Procedures Can Help Reduce
Or Eliminate Symptoms of Fibromyalgia 

Whole body cryotherapy or WBC for short can help in ways from reducing symptoms of the disease itself to the depression it brings and increasing your energy level. It does this by reducing the inflammation in the body and increasing blood flow to areas that may have previously had poor circulation. If we can relieve the inflammation, than we can reduce the pain and discomfort and allow the body to do what it was supposed to do and that is not only help you survive but to thrive. Fibromyalgia may never go away but it does not have to control your life. 

The initial session lasts 2 minutes and that is to introduce you to the experience of WBC. Your head and neck will stick out of the top of the chamber so that you can interact with me or anyone else you may have brought to feel better with. I will talk you through the entire session and explain what is going on and what to expect. After that session, you will go to 3 minutes either gradually or beginning at the second session depending on how you respond. Temperatures start at -180F and will go down only after you have started getting used to the temperature you are at. That will happen for most and will also depend on how you feel that day.Cryotherapy Procedures Wrist pain fibromyalgia

Chronic Illnesses Such as Fibromyalgia
May take 10 to 20 Sessions To Get Under Control Cryotherapy Procedures

They will need to be performed every day or every other day depending on life’s other demands but the closer together you can get the sessions the quicker we can reduce the symptoms and get you back to living. After the initial sessions you will want to get on a regular schedule of 1-3 times a week depending on your needs and wants.

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