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Author : Albert Knight


Bringing Physical Therapy, Cryotherapy, & Infrared Sauna Together

A Cryotherapy Session Prior to a Physical Therapy Session Helps

Going into an Infrared Sauna after Therapy, relaxing and wonderful

What if there was a way to make rehabilitation more effective, would you do it? 

What if being inside a cold chamber for 2 to 3 minutes shortened recovery time and reduced pain, would it be worth it to you?

What if spending 20 minutes inside an Infrared Sauna after a therapy session relaxed you and reduced the soreness, would you take the time? 

I believe for most of us the answer would be a resounding yes, of course. 

Benefits Associated With Cryotherapy Prior to and Infrared Sauna After Physical Therapy

  1. Cryotherapy will reduce the pain normally associated with therapy and also increase range of motion for a more productive session. Cryotherapys main purpose is to reduce inflammation in the body and by doing this will allow the body to heal faster and more efficiently and therefore shorten recovery time.
  2. Infrared Sauna after physical therapy allows the body to relax and will increase blood flow and this will make for a better more effective recovery.

While choosing either cryotherapy or infrared sauna during a physical therapy session will greatly enhance the experience, doing both will give you the greatest amount of pain relief while at the same time allowing your body to heal.

While Ridgeland Physical Therapy does except all major insurances as well as medicare Cryotherapy and Infrared Sauna is not covered by them. We will do all we can to make the investment in yourself and your recovery worth every minute and every dollar you spend with us. All this in one located in Sheridan Park in Bluffton.

You can read more about Cryotherapy and Infrared Sauna by clicking  Carolina Chillin’ 

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Infrared Sauna South Carolina

Far Infrared Sauna, The Why and How To

Using An Infrared Sauna South Carolina

 Infrared Sauna South CarolinaWhat if Infrared Light?  The infrared light of the suns rays are invisible to humans but can be felt. Think of standing outdoors on a cold day while the sun is beaming down upon you. Even though it is cold you feel warm inside. It is seen as hot and cold when viewed through a special camera as seen in image.

How Safe is Infrared Light? Very safe, it is the opposite side of the spectrum from the ultra-violet part of the sun that causes sunburns and worse. Hospitals use Infrared Light to keep newborns warm.

Is Infrared Sauna different than a traditional sauna? Yes, the main difference is that in traditional saunas the air is heated first and then you, so the air can get up to 200º  which may be too uncomfortable.Infrared Sauna heats you and so is more comfortable to breath and be in where the air generally stay between 120º to 140º .

How often can I do it? Every day if you wanted, there really is no overdosing. That being said we do recommend 30 minute sessions as often as you wish to come in. To make it that much more effective we also recommend going into the sauna about 10 to 15 minutes after having a Cryotherapy session.

Who can benefit from the Infrared Sauna? Any one from the soccer mom to the soccer player. If you use a heat pack or enjoy a hot shower than you are going to love taking advantage of the Infrared Sauna Carolina Chillin. If you have a medical condition or just want to seek medical advice I encourage you to talk with your Dr. about the benefits of Infrared Sauna .

Health Benefits From Infrared Sauna 


The liver and kidneys are the two biggest detoxifiers in the human body and many times becomes overworked and overwhelmed. Normal sweating and traditional saunas only remove up to 3% but with regular use of Infrared Sauna you can get up to 20% toxin removal during the sessions. This would greatly improve overall health and reduce stress on the liver and kidneys.

Pain Relief:

Relieve aches and pains throughout the body better and more efficiently than in a traditional sauna.

Weight Loss:

While in the Infrared Sauna your metabolism, heart rate, and perspiration rate all increase which translates into a calorie burn of between 200-600 calories per session. Couple that with the toxin removal and that will help  you on your journey to reaching your weight loss goals.

Lowers Blood Pressure:

Clinical studies have shown that Infrared Sauna can reduce blood pressure with 30 minute sessions, 3 times a week. It has shown to help improve impaired blood vessel function in patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. 

Improve Circulation:

Heating the muscles in the body increases the blood flow and therefore will help increase circulation to areas that may have poor or no circulation. This translates into a decrease in pain and an increase in the body’s healing process.

Skin Purification:

The skin appearance is improved along with healing of wounds and scars. Acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems can be helped through regular use of the sauna. Improved skin tone, elasticity, and firmness can be had with utilizing the healing benefits of Infrared Sauna.


Many Dr.s and clinics across America and around the world recommend and use the Infrared Sauna on a regular basis. The more you take advantage of the sauna the more you will reap the benefits. Carolina Chillinis now offering Sunlighten Signature series sauna sessions.

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Cryotherapy South Carolina

Finding Cryotherapy: My Story

How Cryotherapy Changed My World : Cryotherapy South Carolina

Cryotherapy South CarolinaFor 46 years I could not  remember a time when a depressive episode was not around the corner and the anxiety that came with having low self esteem was a constant passenger. I have been diagnosed with childhood PTSD and chronic depression as well as ADHD. I have been given everything  from Zoloft to Cymbalta but it was always there. The last meds I was on was Wellbutrin and Adderall. Taking high doses of each soon began causing side effects that I did not link at the time to taking them like restless leg syndrome, irritability, and an increase in suicidal thoughts among other complications. One other thing to add is that I had been an alcoholic for 20+ years.

Life was beginning to change

At the age of 40 I quit drinking and after a promise I made to my son I  began Crossfit, and at first I hated it, I could not keep up, cried, and actually got in my vehicle and left while the clock was still going. With a lot of help and patience from the coaches I slowly got better and soon fell in love with it so much I became a coach Cryotherapy South Carolina. I still dealt with depression and anxiety but with no more meds to alleviate the symptoms relied on the Box (Crossfit term for gym ) to be my outlet.

And here We go Again

In 2014 I began to feel excessively tired and achy which I attributed to possible over doing it so I cut back but it did not seem to go away. I could not get over it and having dealt with anxiety for so long figured it had to be in my head. It took me until 2016 when the symptoms were getting so bad I could not work out any longer and it was extremely painful to even stand and coach. I would need to lay down between classes in order to even keep going. Symptoms would start in my lower back and eventually reach my toes and at that point it felt as if my feet was being stabbed with needles and my back was going to snap. I began going to the Dr. to find out and after many blood tests and many possibilities such as hypothyroidism, heavy metal toxicity, liver issue, and a couple other things, Fibromyalgia was even mentioned. I had no upper body symptoms so that was out. Having no health insurance had its limits and that was it.

 Never Heard About Cryotherapy 

Had a couple people mention Cryotherapy and never hearing about it began doing Google searches and reading everything I could. In June a good friend and I found a place in Savannah that was owned and operated by 2 of the nicest people you could ever meet. I told them I hated the cold but had no other route at this time so went with it. I felt nothing the first time and from the research I had done and after talking with the owner bought a 10 pack and kept coming back. Finally after the fourth session the pain began subsiding and by the end of the 10 pack I was getting better. So much so I purchased another 10 pack and by the end of that one I was about 80% pain free and able to move around so much so I felt a need to have one closer to home. November 16, 2016 Carolina Chillin’ LLC opened its doors and I was the proud owner of my very own Whole Body Cryotherapy business.

The best was yet to come. The more I went in the chamber the better I felt physically and the more the fog in my head began to lift, the less anxious I became. I began seeing the world differently, feeling better (even great), and for the first time ever I felt at peace with myself and had hopes of a better world. I now feel a deep need to help others, to let them know I care and understand that life is difficult but together we can make it better for ourselves and the loved ones around us. I call more people friends and actually seek out others to be around.

Who Would Benefit From You Getting Better

As of this writing I have had only 3 bouts of depression in 6 months. I know I will be fine now and tomorrow noCryotherapy South Carolina Benefits matter what comes. I have other issues that need attention but I can and will strive every second of every day to be better, live better and all this was possible because of. I will make you one promise and that is when you come in to see me I will be here to help you be the best you can be. I may not know you but I believe YOU are worth it. If you don’t believe me ask your loved ones what they would do to help you get better. I bet you they would do everything they could because you are worth it and so much more.


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Find Cryotherapy South Carolina

Karlene’s Journey to find Cryotherapy

Karlene’s Journey Find Cryotherapy South Carolina

Hello everyone my name is Karlene M. Krista I’m talking to you about cryotherapy. I will give you a somewhat brief background of my physical and medical disabilities. About three years ago , I was diagnosed with a disease which causes your nerve endings to flare, ping sting, and burn with constant numbness and pain.

It is caused by compression of the nerves in my spinal cord along the right side of my body. I have been to the Mayo clinic, Cleveland clinic and there is no cure . Any operation would caused me to be a paraplegic or paralyzed from the neck down. The only thing out there for me is scheduled drugs that work on nerve endings to numb and quiet nerve endings. They do not take away the burning nor do they take away the tingling. The medicine helped considerably but they do not take away the pain that accompanies all of that. In two years time the doses of medicine morphed out of control …….so I thought.  I am allergic to all  scheduled II & III ,IV Narcotic drugs with the exception of pure morphine. There is so more to this story that I cannot interject because it is so involved.

I needed injections in my spine every 3 to 4 weeks and the drugs that I was on caused me to be a crazy person in a body that I did not recognize.  The weight gain was tremendous. I believed my mind to be almost gone. I couldn’t focus,I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t remember from one sentence to the next, and that was OK with my both of my doctors …..I even went so far to schedule an MRI of my brain to see if I had dementia or Alzheimer’s.

During the Christmas holidays of 2016, I made the  decision to come to Hilton Head for 4 months. Alone.  My reason for doing this, was to go off all my drugs cold turkey.  I did. I was deathly sick for weeks (my niece is an ER nurse and advised otherwise but she kept in touched and helped me mentally.) I did not leave my home for three weeks, not once except to walk the beach.

Find Cryotherapy South Carolina

Fortunately for me the ocean was 50 yards from where I was staying and the comfort I received from smelling, seeing, and feeling the ocean gave me added strength.

Dealing With Pain Will Sometimes Take
More Than Having A Beautiful View

The fourth and fifth weeks I was  different l realized my brain worked and I could focus and the pain was bearable with lots of Aleve. 

One afternoon I was with a friend in her shop and a customer came in and she had mentioned that she had just come from a cryotherapy session and that it was her fourth session. She said she felt like a new person. When she was finished talking I ask her some questions,  she gave me Albert’s name and phone number and told me to call him and he would explain  how cryotherapy work .  I spoke to Albert that night for a short time, and got an appointment the next day.   

I told my entire story to Albert and had a few breakdowns in our conversation but I knew that he could tell that I was in a great amount of pain and he believed that the cryotherapy would help me. My first session I felt no change, nothing. I believed in Alberts knowledge and he convinced me that if I stuck with it, it would help me. I signed up for 10 sessions and I must tell you in all honesty by the seventh session I still was not convinced this was for me. 

I took a long walk on the beach and thought about what I was doing in each session and why I wasn’t getting the full benefits,,,,, and I got it, I figured it out. When I was in the chamber  I was tense, never once did I just relax and take my head somewhere else and just enjoy what it was doing for me and how it was supposed to heal me.

I went into my eighth session relaxed and my head somewhere beautiful and it worked.  I could feel a difference, a huge difference, Little by little the pain was subsiding, still there but it wasn’t anything like it used to be . I signed up for 10 more sessions and after those 10 sessions I no longer was in pain. I had discomfort but NO pain.  With everyone of those sessions I became stronger mentally and physically .I became ME.

Cryotherapy Did Not Help My Life
Cryotherapy Gave Me My Life Back 

When I left the island to go home I  had 27 sessions of cryotherapy I had no numbness a little tingling and still a small amount of discomfort but nothing like it used to be.

There needs to be a way to bring this healing modality to the forefront.

I am home now, on May 1 I started cryotherapy again. I found a cryotherapy center within 9 miles of my home. The business is only seven months old and the owner is  trying hard to make it work. Helping people is their main objective just as it was for Albert.

I have at least four sessions a week and I constantly improve I can walk down steps, I can ride a bike and soon I’m going to start swimming.  Find Cryotherapy South Carolina


I am so  grateful to Albert for being there for me, and encouraging me to stick with the cryotherapy program that he believes  in with all of his heart, yes Albert I am in deep gratitude to you my friend.

One last thing you should know.  I live in a condo and I have lived here for 26 year and as you might suspect it’s a small great community where everyone knows one another. When I came home at the end of April people came up to me and said

“Oh My God you look so good, what have you done ,your face is different, you look so happy.  Are you still in pain? What did you do.” 

In this short amount of time  being home I have two people that have signed up for cryotherapy where I go.

Thank you Albert.

I want to Thank Ms. Karlene for allowing me to share her story with others so that her journey may help others to embark upon their own towards health and wellbeing. My only goal is to help you reach yours. Albert W Knight

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Full Body Cryotherapy

Cool Ways to alleviate or eliminate Joint problems

Full Body CryotherapyWith the lifestyles many people have now and days it is no wonder our joints don’t last. I have read that our joints were supposed to take care of us for 105 years, and every now and then you can see that Full Body Cryotherapy. For many people their joints will not last that long due to illness, injury, or trauma that causes damage to the extent of causing great pain and in some cases replacement is needed.

Joint Health & Full Body                                Cryotherapy

With all the issues from ankle sprains to torn rotator cuffs to hip replacement,Whole Body Cryotherapy joint problems we are now more than ever needing a way to keep our joints in the best shape possible. That can be done in different ways and a quick and safe way to do this is Full Body Cryotherapy.

While icing will help with some reduction of pain and inflammation, you will want to stay off of it as much as possible to allow the body to heal. While this may take weeks or even months to accomplish most of us do not have the time nor patience to wait. Cryotherapy is like ice on steroids without the long wait time and with many other benefits.

 3 minutes in a Cryo-cabin will give your body the boost it needed to start taking care of its joints  .

This will happen immediately with the release of endorphins into your system dulling the pain receptors. Then it will increase blood circulation in the area and this causes a reduction in inflammation. With reduced inflammation you get better blood flow and nutrients will get to where they are needed.

When we favor one side due to an injury on the opposite joint this begins to cause damage on that side. We expose the joint to angles they were not meant to be in along with stresses that will over time begin to cause problems and then our good side becomes our bad side and the cycle continues. 

Going to see your Doctor is the initial stop for many when dealing with joint problems. They will do what they can to get you up and running again but it is ultimately up to you to take care of yourself and do everything you can to keep your joints in top shape. WBC can go a long way in providing that help. 

Full Body Cryotherapy BeneficialListen to your Doctor and when he tells you to ice, let him know you have access to ice on steroids. Not only will it shorten your recovery time it will allow you to get back to doing everything that make you, you.

Healthy joints make Happy People


Full Body Cryotherapy can make help you on your journey to be the best version of you ever.


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Cryotherapy Session Benefits Rebuilt

Getting Uncomfortable

 Cryotherapy Session Benefits Healthy WayOne of the main complaints people have while they are considering trying Whole Body Cryotherapy is how the extreme temperature is going to be uncomfortable and they are skeptical for just that reason. I have had questions such as “How does putting my body in such a disagreeable situation make me better?”. By creating an environment  in which the brain is tricked into thinking it needs to go into Survival Mode we in essence are hitting the reset button in the body. That will not happen on the Couch, no matter how comfortable you were it want last unless you change.

Cryotherapy Session Benefits: Resetting the Body One Session at a Time

Our modern way of life has changed into a more comfortable zone , we are no longer foraging for food all day long or running from other animals foraging for us. They say that we used to walk about a marathon distance a day looking for food, water, and shelter. Scarcity of many things kept us going  but also kept us in shape, but today hunting for a parking space or standing in the check out line is the hardest part of foraging. We no longer have the issues of our ancestors and this has led us to a myriad of ailments never thought of.

Cryotherapy is a way to quickly and efficiently get you back on track Cryotherapy Session Benefits

If you are a person currently taking medications for pain or inflammation, you are already uncomfortable. Even if the medicine takes away 80% of the pain you still have to deal with the side effects whether you notice them now or not they are there. I am here to tell you that does not have to be the way and you do not have to live like that. Cryotherapy has no bad side effects, only positive results. The more you use it the better you get.

You have a nagging injury that just doesn’t seem to go away and it seems to always flare up just when you are getting ready to have some fun. You can help your body repair as much damage as it can so maybe just maybe you can eliminate the underlying cause of the problem. Whole body cryotherapy addresses the causes of problems and will through regular use repair problems previously deemed ur-repairable.

Your Body was Designed to Repair Itself, it Just Forgot How. Cryotherapy will Remind it.

Yes, 2 to 3 minutes in a -180F to -280F chamber is an experience but it will force theCryotherapy Session Benefits Body body to begin doing what it forgot how to do and that is to help you thrive and be the best you that you can be. Unless someone finds a way to miraculously  jump into the perfect body than it will remain up to you to take charge of your life and see how great life can be in your very own Maserati of a body. Carolina Chillin’ is the place to go, even if you feel you walk around in a beat up pinto doesn’t mean it can’t be rebuilt.




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Whole Body Cryotherapy

Cold Hard Facts about Cryotherapy

There are many misconceptions and untruths about Whole Body Cryotherapy and what I will attempt to do is help you be more informed about what is known and what is hypothesized about WBC. This will be a longer blog than most but will hopefully be educational and informative. I will first make 2 admissions so you will not have to wonder.

What is Whole Body Cryotherapy

WBC for short or just Cryo

WBC is a procedure developed in 1978 to combat the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. It was found to have reduced inflammation and pain while at the same time increasing circulation to damaged areas speeding up recovery and slowing the progression of the disease. In the early 1980’s it was introduced into Europe where it was turned it into a full body recovery procedure treating a myriad of ailments and also speeding up recovery time for athletes and reducing their injury numbers. It has been introduced to many countries around the world and in 2011 made it to the US where everyone from Tony Robbins to Lebron James to Demi Moore are utilizing it to gain an edge in competition and life.

Whole Body Cryotherapy  Procedure

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a procedure that involves the following. (We utilize the Titan-cabin and depending on the manufacturer, procedures may differ slightly)

  • You are shown to the dressing room where you are asked to put on the socks, slippers, and gloves provided.
  • Outer clothing and jewelry below the neck is removed or in case of jewelry not able to be removed, covered.
  • Women can wear a two piece bathing suit or sports bra and shorts. You may also choose to go commando as we offer towels while going from dressing room to chamber. Your level of modesty is always respected.
  • Men can just leave on their boxer-briefs of whatever they have on. Although not recommended I have seen (not literally) some go commando and God bless you if you do.
  • During you changing the Cryo-cabin is pre-cooled to below -166F to speed up temperature getting to desired setting.
  • Temperature and duration are set prior to you entering chamber.
  • As you are stepping in I will ask for your height and that will be put into system.
  • You will be raised up by the lift to where your head and neck are out of the top.
  • Temperature will range between -180 and -280 (temperature will vary slightly but will remain within range for duration of procedure)
  • Duration will be from 2-3 minutes although you have the ability to stop at any time. You have total control over this and we will never question if you say ‘stop’
  • If you took advantage of the towel I will ask for it once procedure is starting and give it back 15 seconds prior to end of session so as to again respect you modesty.

What Happens to the Body during Cryo-session?

  • We are attempting to take the top mm of skin down to as close to freezing as we can get  and then keep it there for the duration of the session.
  • This sends signals to the brain that begins the process of going into survival mode.
  • Vasoconstriction (closing of blood vessels) to extremities begins which forces blood to concentrate in the core of the body.
  • This creates a much smaller circulatory pathway allowing for the liver to go into overdrive filtering the waste and toxins out of the blood.
  • Blood temperature is raised and oxygen holding capacity increased for a short time.
  • Endorphins are released (it is the morphine of the body reducing pain reception)
  • Norepinephrine is also released ( It heightens our awareness by increasing oxygen flow to brain, increases the heart rate, metabolism, and respiration)
  • Other nutrients and enzymes stored in the body for just such an occasion is also released.
  • Upon exiting your body will begin to vasodilate (opening of blood vessels 3-4x normal) allowing the blood to reach the extremities as quickly as possible.
  • This vasodilation is where the whole process starts coming to fruition by flooding the body with oxygen and nutrient rich blood and removing waste and toxins from the body, and even the areas that may have previously had poor blood flow allowing a toxic build up.
  • Inflammation and pain reduction is the ultimate goal and this will happen through the use of the Cryo-chamber.
  • The more sessions you have the greater the benefit. From pain relief to better mental focus the way each persons body responds may be different but improvements will definitely happen the more you take advantage of its many beneficial opportunities.

What the FDA does and Doesn’t know.

The two main cautions the FDA has stated for the use of Whole Body Cryotherapy is the chance of asphyxiation and frostbite. They mildly mention the chance of skin burns and eye injury both of which I will also address.

  • Asphyxiation is depriving the body of oxygen and this will only happen if you stick your face down into the chamber and inhale the nitrogen gas in the chamber (79% of the air you are breathing right now is nitrogen).  Your head and neck is out of the top of the chamber and you breath normally so this should not be a problem.
  • Frostbite can happen but on this note we take precautions. Gloves go on to protect the fingers and you can also bring them up out of the chamber as needed. Socks and slippers are provided so that you toes are protected with no chance of them being damaged. Other parts of the body normally associated with frostbite are nose and ears and since your head is out the top of the chamber there is no chance of this happening.
  • Skin burns happen when a person steps into the chamber when there is  moisture on the body. It can be from sweat or excessive lotions. Razor burns on the legs or open sores may also be hurt but can easily be covered to prevent any chance of damage. The burn we speak of is normally a localized redness like a sunburn and will usually subside within a day or two if it does happen. Best thing to do is take one of the hand towels offered and wipe off sweat or excessive lotions if you think you might have some on you. Cover sensitive areas.
  • Eye injury as mentioned by the FDA is geared towards those people utilizing the Cryo-rooms and does not pertain to those of us that have the single person Cryo-cabin.

Although the FDA states several times that the benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy has not been proven they neglect to tell you of the 100,00+ Cryo-sessions (In the US alone) that have been performed over the years with athletes performing better and safer along with people who have taken their lives back from chronic illness. It would be a great service to all if the FDA would take a seriously hard look at how beneficial Cryotherapy can be for those who utilize it properly and to its full potential.

Tragic death associated with Whole Body Cryotherapy 

October 2015 was the first and only death associated with Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC). A tragic event that has been reported on and pointed to as a reason to not try it. Here are the facts.

  • Miss Chelsea Ake of Nevada was the manager of a Cryotherapy center when her death happened.
  • She was alone and un-supervised during the incident.
  • Found the next morning by co-workers at the bottom of chamber.
  • The death was ruled as “operator error”
  • No one may never know the exact list of events that led to this but it has not happened since and never will when proper procedure are followed.

As sad as this death is it should have no impact on whether or not you try it. Heres why…

  • You will never be un-supervised during a session.
  • Sessions are limited to 3 minutes max and system shuts off immediately upon timer end (Our Titan model also has plunger to open door upon completion).
  • You will always be in contact with operator interacting during the entire procedure.
  • Your safety is the number one goal and then helping you feel better and live better is next.

Nothing in life is ever without its precautions but a Cryotherapists job is to lower them to almost nonexistent so that you can take chances on other pursuits in life such as bungee jumping or what ever else gets your blood flowing.

Cryotherapy is uncomfortable

Is it the most pleasant sensation a person can have? Well no, but if you are striving to be the best you ever, than you will have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Simple as that, no one ever grew or got better by being comfortable and that is true with recovering as well as healing. Whether you are striving to be the best athlete you can be or just wanting to be the best person it makes no difference, you must put yourself in disagreeable situations. Ask yourself the following.

Competitive Athlete

  • Do I want to reduce or eliminate DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)?
  • Do I want to be 100% ready for game/competition day?
  • Do I want to recover faster after the competition so I don’t have to walk around hurting?
  • If I have an injury do I want to reduce recovery time?
  • Do I want to have an edge up on my competitors?

Life Athlete

  • Do you want to reduce or eliminate pills that have side effects that reduce quality of life?
  • Do you want to be more productive at work and play?
  • Do you want to enjoy life’s gifts without pain and inflammation getting in the way?
  • What if a surgery in inevitable, do I want pre-surgery to go as smoothly as possible and post-surgery recover better with less complications?
  • Would I like to put less chemicals in my body and help it to do what it was meant to do and that is thrive?

If you answered yes to any of those questions than Cryotherapy Can make it happen. So now after reading the questions and stating yes to them, being antsy at spending 3 minutes in an uncomfortable situation doesn’t sound all that bad does it? It really does not matter whether you are in the  Age of Youth or the Age of Wisdom or somewhere in the middle WBC if utilized properly can along with other life improving moves make you the best you can be period.

How often do I need Cryotherapy.

Each set of circumstances is different for each person but the following is a guideline for how to utilize it to the fullest.

  • Athletes – a couple sessions prior to and immediately after a competition. When you have had a hard week and DOMS is setting in.
  • Pre-surgery – come in for a couple of sessions prior to procedure to reduce inflammation and increase recovery
  • Post-surgery – When you begin recovery and you want to increase speed of that recovery and decrease the inflammation
  • Minor aches and pains – 1-3 sessions will normally greatly reduce symptoms
  • Arthritis – 10-20 sessions every day or every other day to reduce symptoms and then 1 to 3 times a week to slow the progression of the disease as much as possible.
  • Auto-immune type illnesses along with many diseases of posterity will use the same as arthritis

Each person will have slightly different responses to Whole Body Cryotherapy but one thing is for certain that the more you take care of yourself and reduce the pain and inflammation in your body the more you will get out of life.

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Whole Body Cryotherapy Locations Healthy Option

Sports Injuries and Cryotherapy

[su_heading]Sports Injuries and Cryotherapy[/su_heading]

There was a time in which dealing with injuries was ice, anti-inflammatory meds, and rest was the prescription. The Whole Body Cryotherapy Locationsice would give some relief, the meds might as well be a placebo and rest was never long enough or worse the athlete would push themselves to go back way to early.

Along came Whole Body Cryotherapy that was colder and more efficient than ice, replaced the need for anti-inflammatory meds, and greatly shortened recovery time allowing persons to get back to doing what they loved without the nagging injuries plaguing them. The fact your entire body from neck down is exposed to the hyper-cooled air reduced inflammation in the entire body lessening the chances of future injuries from over use.

With many sports having repetitive & asymmetrical movements the muscles and joints associated with them are overtaxed and kept in a constant state of inflammation which will over time increase the risk of injury and possibly be the reason a career may end or if in a up and coming athlete why their dream may never come to be.

Cryotherapy Will Shorten Your Recovery Time 

Cryotherapy can not only shorten recovery time but if utilized can be used as a preventative measure to assist you staying in the best possible shape to perform at or above what you thought possible. No matter what goals are, sports related injuries can and often do keep dreams of being the best you can be nothing more than dreams.

Whether you make a living with your skills, are an up and coming star, or a recreational athlete, keeping yourself in top shape should be your goal. Getting Cryotherapy as often as possible can reduce or eliminate those everyday aches and pains while at the same time increasing your level of competitiveness. Nagging problem areas often will not allow for an athletes to compete at their best; Cryotherapy can help.Whole Body Cryotherapy Locations Benefits

Everything from ankle sprains to golfers elbow. From pre-surgery preparation to post surgery recovery reducing the inflammation in the body will increase blood flow to damaged areas allowing the body to do what it was supposed to do and that is thrive in whatever environment it is put in and Whole Body Cryotherapy can do that.

Let’s say you are preparing for a competition and you want to be at your best. You have put in the work every day leading up to the event going over exactly what is expected of you along with preparing for the unexpected. Your body is not at 100% because of all the practice & then game day and you go out give it your all and no matter how you did your body is exhausted and you wished there was a way to push a little more and not be so sore days or weeks after the event. That is where Whole Body Cryotherapy comes in, by preparing your body with a couple sessions prior to the event Cryo can assist you being at 100% that day and then having a session or two after will reduce or eliminate the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that will inevitably come.

Cryotherapy is a tool that when utilized properly can be your best friend whether you have a session once a week or everyday it can help you be the best. If you have any further questions you can contact me.

Cryotherapy is A Powerful Tool To Use For Your Health

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Cryotherapy May Reduce or Eliminate Your Symptoms From Fibromyalgia

Cryotherapy Procedures fibromyalgia penguin[su_heading]How Cryotherapy Procedures Reduces or Eliminates Your Symptoms From Fibromyalgia [/su_heading]

Dealing with widespread pain and discomfort can be reduced or eliminated  along with the depression and tiredness normally associated with fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is defined as a Chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and tenderness in localized areas. But for many it is much more than that, It affects mood, energy level, and quality of life and in extreme cases will seem as if it takes life away.

Cryotherapy Procedures Can Help Reduce
Or Eliminate Symptoms of Fibromyalgia 

Whole body cryotherapy or WBC for short can help in ways from reducing symptoms of the disease itself to the depression it brings and increasing your energy level. It does this by reducing the inflammation in the body and increasing blood flow to areas that may have previously had poor circulation. If we can relieve the inflammation, than we can reduce the pain and discomfort and allow the body to do what it was supposed to do and that is not only help you survive but to thrive. Fibromyalgia may never go away but it does not have to control your life. 

The initial session lasts 2 minutes and that is to introduce you to the experience of WBC. Your head and neck will stick out of the top of the chamber so that you can interact with me or anyone else you may have brought to feel better with. I will talk you through the entire session and explain what is going on and what to expect. After that session, you will go to 3 minutes either gradually or beginning at the second session depending on how you respond. Temperatures start at -180F and will go down only after you have started getting used to the temperature you are at. That will happen for most and will also depend on how you feel that day.Cryotherapy Procedures Wrist pain fibromyalgia

Chronic Illnesses Such as Fibromyalgia
May take 10 to 20 Sessions To Get Under Control Cryotherapy Procedures

They will need to be performed every day or every other day depending on life’s other demands but the closer together you can get the sessions the quicker we can reduce the symptoms and get you back to living. After the initial sessions you will want to get on a regular schedule of 1-3 times a week depending on your needs and wants.

 Start Feeling Better 

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Why Cryotherapy Works So Well With Pain Management

Whole body cryotherapy (Cryo for short) was developed in 1978 to help with rheumatoid arthritis and over the years it has been found to help with many other issues from sports recovery to pain reduction.
Inflammation reduction is the end goal when stepping into a cryo-chamber for 2-3 minutes surrounding yourself with hyper cooled air where temperatures that range from -180F to -280F take the top millimeter of skin to the low 30’s in under a minute. By doing this your body goes into survival mode with the end goal being that it will work as efficiently as it can to keep you alive.

What begins to happen inside the body while in the Cryotherapy Chamber is that the blood vessels in the extremities begin to constrict (vasoconstriction) forcing blood back to the core where it will work towards keeping the core warm and protected. The blood temperature is raised and filtered better due to being on a much smaller circulatory path. This allows for better removal of toxins and waste and the introduction of nutrients and hormones into the system. Endorphins are released along with Norepinephrine. Upon exiting the chamber the body begins to warm and blood vessels begin to expand (vasodilation) up to 4 times normal in order to get the flow back to the extremities as fast as possible. This process will improve circulation to all areas of the body and possibly even to those areas having poor circulation prior to having a cryo session.

Many people talk about  a relaxed and calming sensation after treatments and this is due to the hormones released by the body and will continue for up to 8 hours. To see long term benefits daily or every other day sessions may need to be performed for a total of 10-20 but that will depend on why you are doing Cryotherapy. A regular maintenance schedule is also beneficial in keeping up with positive results.

Whole body cryotherapy altho designed to assist with rheumatoid arthritis has been shown to help with everything from fibromyalgia to tinnitus diagnosis, it is used by many athletes to recover more efficiently so they can stay in top shape to now many sports teams having them in the locker rooms for use on a regular basis.
From Golfers elbow to sprained ankles to tight muscles and arthritic joints is the latest tool for a fast, efficient, non-invasive way to help you feel better and live better.


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